Wednesday, August 5, 2009


THIS GUY was visiting this past weekend.
On Sunday, we started drinking beer at 2pm. Headed downtown to a friend's bar and then got headed westward and were pulled into the Rivoili due to the sound of terrible singing (which meant Karaoke) coming from the speakers.

I think I sang White Rabbit.
ohhh man.

M lost his Blackberry that night.
Poopy bum- times, too- cuz he had to skip back to Medicine Hat Monday morning sans BB :(

This coming weekend is my home-made long weekend. I have Friday off and C and I are headed to Port Elgin to see his parents.
This also happens to be the big-ass family reunion. The "MacKenzie Picnic".
I get to meet family that Corey didn't even remember know he had!!!

CD and I have decided that we need to rock the living shit out of the remainder of Summer 09. It has been flying by. I can;'t deal with it being August right now.
September- you've got big shoes to fill.


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Back to Bolt said...

You look like you are competing in the Special Olympics.