Friday, August 21, 2009

Best weekend ever (?)

The next few days RULE. Today, first of all- is Friday. And at my place of work we have a little something called Summer Hours. I am out of here at 2:30 today!

Tomorrow myself, Corey and Kathryn pile into Bron's vehicle (Thanks BRON!) and head to K-W town.

My bff just got back from England after a year of Art School. here she is-

Can't even wait to see her....

And the bestest part is she will be riding home with us as I am kidnapping her for two days.

I took Monday off- and we are going to paint this little town RED.. and blue and yellow etc.

This weekend is also when I get to see my favorite people at THIS ONE's house party.

My sister will be rocking it out-

And so will this one who I NEVA NEVA NEVA see :(
(Back off men - she is taken!)

And we are bringing the newlyweds!

The party on Saturday is a Spanish Mexican theme, so of course I am making antijitoes. Those little delicious cream cheese and jalepeno-filled bastards!

Ok, I must run. I have to see if someone will trim these disgusting ends off my mane today.



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beans said...

have fuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! date night when you get back! there are many more girly things to discuss.