Monday, August 17, 2009

No A/C and no sleep makes KZ a dull gal. ...

Listen people, I am well aware that our summer here in Southern Ontario feels like it is just beginning BUT when you have no Air Conditioning in an apartment KNOWN to be
scorching in January- It's a bit much for ol' KZ to handle.

C and I got some relief from the heat yesterday. We rode down with the intent of hitting Toronto Island to soak up some ray- and most importantly get into the water.
Upon arriving there was a crowd of people so large- there was absolutely no way I could imagine us waiting.

So, with C's quick thinking- next thing I know he had whisked me away in a Taxi headed East.
We ended our journey at Cherry beach where we spent the afternoon swimming our lil' bums off :)

We get our A/C tomorrow! Thanks to the lovelies NINA and Aly for buying and moving into a new condo where there is no need for the ol' A/C!

Oh and Just a reminder not to leave your loved one in your blistering hot cars in this kind-a-heat!


I'm Scooter, but I might be a troll. said...

Where the hell do you find Camel cars, KZ?

highwaisted said...

wtf? that was the weirdest!

you need to take the secret ferry on those days dude.