Thursday, July 30, 2009


Yah, Married!!!!!!

great ...great ...GREAT wedding this past weekend. Congrats to Ilana and Cameron on their special day.

The hotel proved to be excellent-tackiness.

Two Waterslides and an indoor / outdoor pool to boot.

There was also an abundancy of games... Like arcade styles where you win tickets and then redeem for prizes.

We played Deal or No Deal, and other miscellanous games.

Spent about $30 and won this plastic snake:

His name is Ssssylvesssster and he speaks with as many ssss wordssss assss possssible.

Still to come:Long ass weekend.

C and I were thinking of heading up north to Port Elgin, but the rental car situatio here is pretty dire.

The only companies with cars left are charging out the Wee-hole.

Sooo, we are going to chill here.

Friday night- Metal Mike is here for his final Toronto fun-times night.

Possibly a BBQ-hang-out session with Fio and Ro.....and C and I were thinking of taking a water taxi to ze island one day too :)


highwaisted said...

hello why dont you think about hanging out with us you asshole?

kay zee said...

I thought you were booked all weekend, jerky

Kattypants said...

dude, i wanna taxi it out!

beans said...
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beans said...

please tell me the 'yah married!' line is sixteen candles styles!