Monday, March 23, 2009


Waterloo weekend #1 was a success. We are back this coming weekend as well.
I spend the Friday evening at an all chicks night at Jenny's. We even had Ms. Battista (who's in England) on SKYPE. Felt like she was right there with us :)

Saturday was a day of extreme shopping. We hit the cheapy outlet stores in Lamebridge. Not the highest of quality of clothing for sure- and pretty basic, girl stores- but got some pretty rad basics for NEXT TO NOTHING!

First store- Suzy.... spent $12 and got a scarf and 4 shirts!
Next stop- Bootlegger (LOL)- 4 shirts = $15
I then proceeded to Old Navy and bought a $29 mini demin skirt. It's pretty sick I must say and after trying on both a 4 and a 6- I went with the 4. Feels good- especially at this time of year... winter weight ugh.

Sharkey's stagette Saturday night was a fun lil' party. Bar hopped uptown and ended up back at her place to meet her gorgeous doggie Marvin at returned to my sister's place at 3:30 am. (Very unlike my aged self)
Yah, I still got it.

We got to see my dad on Sunday (his bday was last week) and ate at Mongolian Grill.
Choked down some grub in between dry heaves (hung like a horse) and got some good visiting time in there.
He's 66, I can't believe it.

Got the Greyhound (tragic) home and had a nice dinner with my sweetie.

To top off the night- Jackson was a wild feline at 4:30am and drove us nuts as he took a running start down our hallway and jumped at our bedroom door.
over.. and over... and over.. again.

Thing is, we let him in and it's obvious he's not in the "sleeping" mode. It's a tad annoying and I do believe it's time to say Goodbye to his nutsack.


Anonymous said...

Get to Ethel's, and ask for the parcel wrapped in a plaid shirt in the basement. It's the birthday present I bought for you a zillion years ago. :)

Kattypants said...

nutsack? tooooo much.
i'm babysitting h & h this weekend!!! :-D

kay zee said...

Anon- I totally did, like a year ago and I believe it was Greg but HE COULDN'T FIND IT!!!!
Have you SEEN Ethel's basement? ;)

beans said...

ummmm i think we need to hang out soon!