Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A week in pictures:

Last weeks Kumar hookup

Last weekend`s WORK off-site.  Joel Doodle.  (very lifelike)

 BABY lunch date at my house TODAY!

 So new, so fresh!  (3 weeks!!)

Heineken mommies (JUST ONE EACH)... I had H2O- I`m working for Chrissakes!!!!



Katty M said...

So jealy of your mommies lunch! CUTE!!! :D

beans said...

Loved it!!!! That was a much needed beer too ;) thanks for having us love!

Anonymous said...

Neuffie got frends.
Red Canyon Lodge.
And they got frends at the Outrigger Hotel ; and Disney does, too ; everybody at Rob Roy Hotel in Brent Park.
Did you HEAR?
Did you HEAR?
They got RYEAR.
They got ISTANBUL?
And that means Sstan turned in RS699.
With Ruth.
The Pastor.
And that's Nathalie Cardone.