Monday, April 18, 2011

I fell in love with a Coatimundi in Mexico

Ladies and Gentlemen- here he is!

the real thing

on it's way to me in the mail!

The similarities are there.  I just missed the little guy so much I wanted something to remember him (and our trip) by.

Here's a snapshot of some other memories of Mexico 2011:

on location at our zipline / atv day
kissy kissy

loungin wearing my mom's attire

summer babes

Corey snapped this one


beach babies

the resort

the resort plus token palm tree

In a nutshell, our trip was great.  

The ups:  Very relaxing, good eats, lots of pool-loungin' time and swimming.
The Downs:  Mosquito bites turning into welts on the backs of my legs. Remember this?

The lucky part is that ^this^ occurred in the last 2 days so I wasn't trolling the pool looking like a disease for the entire week.

I have to say- my sweet sweet man was the number one part of the whole week.  
I mean... I know we live together and shit- but being treated like kings / having the freedom to do as we please in Mexico for a week together felt really special.

Plus we are both tanned now so our hot factor has totally gone up like, at least 4 notches.


Lauren said...

I could use a trip and stuffed animal just like that!
I live in California and have never seen that animal that should be my newest pet!!!

Also your vacation looks like it was super macho fun!

Katty M said...

the major award really paid off! i totally know what you mean about traveling together, especially in a hot location. so pleased you were the winner! you're both winnerz.
games soon!!!

Alyson said...

Looks divine! I need a warm vacay soon, it's what all the cool kids are doing!

liz said...

swe-eeeet. warm happy vacations are SO nice, aren't they? :) :)

Back to Bolt said...

Looks soooo awesome.

Ashelle said...

Sounds like a great vacation!! Tanness def raises hotness factors!!

Sandy Joe said...

Cute cute cute stuffed animal! Looks like you had a pretty dreamy vacation!

x The Pretty Secrets