Tuesday, April 5, 2011

earrings and mexico

Today I am wearing these-

found here on ETSY.

On a completely separate note- Let's talk about Mexico.

A week from RIGHT NOW I will have been in the Mayan Riviera for 2 days.

Next Tuesday, our day will be filled with these activities-

So-- this will be me & C dawg (and some random):

And then this-

I wonder if I should try a hand at actually driving one of thems things?
You don't need a driver's license for that shit, do you?
You just have to be like... 16 or whatever?

here's the hotel-



Lauren said...

I love the earrings.
Also those people in the ads are so happy, they are almost Brady Bunch-esque.

TC said...

I double LOVE the earrings! So cute! Have fun in Mexico!!