Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Oh hi there.
Been a while I suppose.

It's not that stuff hasn't been happening.... It's just that time is kinda flying by lately. I feel like I woke up one morning and BOOM- it's December.
Wasn't I just on a patio, like..... a few weeks ago?

To keep warm C and I have been keeping busy by wearing fun sweaters- (see pic #2) and ummmm.... dancing?
Wait a second, here....

How's it going bra? Remind me to choose other materials when shirt shopping.

Thanks Shauna and Johnny- at least someone is paying attention.

I saw my colleague / pal Jenna at work sporting that bad-boy a few weeks ago and HAD TO BORROW IT.
It's so.... me. We'll call it "Tacky-chic".
Kathryn and Bron had a wee karaoke shin-dig at their place last, last weekend.
We were tired but somehow ended up staying until 2am... which to us old folk is LATE.

My sweet potato sung into a sweet potato.

Holidays are creeping in quickly. I got some last minute online shopping done today for my sis and Robbie. Not much else to pick up, which is sort of refreshing. I am usually a last-minute-shopper-to-the-max.

New Years eve is also approaching. This year we have decided to forego out regular KW trip and stay in the city! Dinner with our good pals Fio and Ro and then back to theirs for some cocktails.
Sounds perfect to me, actually.

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