Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Hollywood break ups.
The word on the street is that Scarlett and Ryan called it quits.

I personally think that Scar is one of the hottest things I have ever seen. ever.
So she's not going to win an Oscar anytime soon but she is goooorgeous.

Reynolds, I could take him or leave him.
I suppose I just can't get the that awful teevee show "2 guys a girl and a pizza place" out of my mind.
Come on, that show/shirt was Heinous!
I can't believe it lasted for 81 episodes!

Oh plus there's THIS mental image....


Anywho, while everyone's gossiping about the failure of Scar-Ry's 2 year love affair PEOPLE ARE FAILING TO SEE THE REAL TRAGEDY-

Now THESE TWO on the other hand- have been dating since they were in diapers.

Gays everywhere rejoice (especially my old boss, DON)!
Zac is single!

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