Wednesday, September 8, 2010

long, cold weekend

"This weekend in a collage".

The weather was shiiiiiet BUT we made the most of it.
We got to see both mine and Fio's family and we all fell head over heels in love with Mo the donkey who lives next door.

Bourbon was drank (by some), cards were played and sweaters were warm warn.

The boys played "catch" with golf clubs in the yard and one ball went through Gramma's window! OOOoopppps. Thankfully the said window is in a closed-off room which no one has ventured into for about a decade. Mom didn't care, really,.. Though Ro's apology was pretty fun to watch being

After much talk about the hundreds of bats that reside in Gramma's roof, we decided to sit outside in the front yard to see what was surely going ot be a HUGE show....

NOT ONE. Not a SINGLE bat showed up.

Those little bastards must have been on vacation!

So here's a visual of what COULD have been:


Highwaisted said...

'worn' you silly goose

kay zee said...

WARN: to notify, advise, or inform:

" to warn the sweater that I would in fact be wearing it. "

Highwaisted said...


beans said...

woo donkeys! looks like a fab weekend bud! xo

beans said...

ps: i always 'warn' my sweaters before i put them on!

Alyson said...

Sheet, I was kind of hoping for a video of the Intense Bat Show.

Alyson said...

Also, I just realized that my usual blog link that I copy/paste goes to a youtube vid.

I am retarded, yes, I know.