Monday, September 27, 2010

Dreary Day BBQ

My department at work held their annual BBQ on the weekend. Why oh why was it 30 degrees on Friday and then what felt like 3 degrees on Saturday?

My enthusiasm could have improved.....
After Corey climbed a 300 year old White Oak we headed back to the shelter from some music.
Ladies and Gentlemen Mr Mooney on the keys.
'Dat 'dere Newfoundlander is moving down the hall from Corey and I come THIS Thursday.
Maybe we can start a Howland Avenue band?

Why my eyes look like 2 pissholes in the snow here- I have no clue. I snuck in ONE rum and coke the entire day.

All in all, drums were played (The VP can rock), keys tickled, voices carried. Also, Frisbees flew, Bocci ball was played, and Krista shivered.

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