Tuesday, September 21, 2010

hip hip

This weekend was craziness. Packed to the tits.

I did the following:

  • Attended ALICIA's bridal shower
  • Went to a 60th Bday dealy
  • Went to NIKIs house warming
  • Went to Gramma Gordon's bday at the Charcoal Steakhouse

Ali's shower was great. Her mother is a fabulous party planner.

Lover-ly tabes

My little buddies

Beautious bridemaids / Fierce Flower Gal

Niki's party was a blast (AWESOME APT!!!) but unfortunately I have no pictures :(
I would have loved to have had my video-cam with me to catch the feeling of Bolt and I scarfing down
PEPI'S SUBS at 2 am.

Sunday night's dinner- Charcoal Steakhouse. Seriously, Brilliant dinner.

My bro-in-law STARTED with the Pig's Tails and then moved on to an 18 ounce steak.
18. Ounces.

I sent his pic to C dawg to make him jealous:

To cap off the evening, my sister and I had a wee contest when we returned home from dinner.

It was called "Who can find a hotter picture of their "It-Man" celebrity smoking AND THEN have Kel's hubby judge"

Lil' Kel's pick-


I obviously won.
James Franco vs. Robert Pattison was an easy one for me to win. I suppose my sister's obsession with R PATT has driven her hubs to not exactly be a "fan".

What with her Twilight calendar, tee-shirts, etc.


Highwaisted said...

dude! you took pics! woo!!!!

i will be stealing those now.

Alyson said...

R Patt looks like he has Down's Syndrome. Just like every member of the Twilight cast. Just saying!