Monday, September 21, 2009

together again

OH..... MY........ GOD.

In 40 minutes I will be in the presence of Ms. Becca (90210 wearing kid above).
This picture was from... oh let's see- 1996?

We have not seen each other is over a decade.

In high school we were the BUSH BANDITS. We jumped
in perfectly manicured bushes......
Then, to let the neighborhood that we were on the prowl, we then did something else I can never disclose.

I am meeting her on Bloor street for some good times.
So exciting.


Beckstar, Queen of the Galactic Robot Mafia said...

It will likely be the greatest reunion of all time, including:

- The Eagles
- Fleetwood Mac


highwaisted said...

best pic i've seen in my life ever.

Back to Bolt said...

You pooped on their lawns?

kay zee said...

no pooping