Monday, September 21, 2009

Bruce Penn

Myself,C dawg, Lil' Kel and
THESE guys-
(Ilana and Cam)---- headed northbound to Pike Bay to visit MOM
And Pete:

Rebel Cameron kicked down a NO TRESPASSING sign at the Rocks....
C dawg found a froggie:

And ACTUALLY dipped his body into the coldest water of all time:
Ok so as well as all that fun- we also headed to the local store to have this THREE dollar lunch.
Iced Tea, Hotdog, Fries AND a rainbow cupcake.
Cheapy Cheapy:

During lunch, the boys decided to get engaged. Although Cameron JUST tied the know a month ago- he was into it. SHOCKED (see his face?) but into it all the same. He even sported a tie for the occasion:

I've never seen C dawg happier. Ilana and I are both happy for the new couple and decided we may dyke it out at some point..... dependent on how long our young men keep this up.

We hit the WIARTON FALL FAIR on Saturday. There was a wee pet show / contest:

Witch Cat:
Madeline the outback dog:
And of course, Hockey dog- whom we loved in the begining-- but was entered in every sinlge contest.
At first the "Looks most like Owner" (with Hockey KID) category was a sure win, buit we also saw him in "OLDEST DOG" category.

The dog was 6, man.... 6!

Oh and here's Hockey Dog's main competitor, "Country Dog"?:

All in all a great weekend. We had a huge fire on my gramma's property (a garbage fire mainly- "go toxic shit!")

Heard some coyotes howling- and SWEAR- I saw one. He walked / scampered sideways. I did a great impression of this scampering movement. It was a hit.

Hmmm what else? Well, A GREAT group of people this weekend overall- we missed bro-in-law Rob, who had his boyz weekend at the cottage instead :(


highwaisted said...

holy spelling mistakes!

those dogs are funny

Katty M said...

oh god, stop, stop - those dog things can't be serious!? the country dog? shit man. the dog even seems into it. get him a beer or something!