Monday, September 28, 2009

Hello friends.

My feet got wet this morning and now I am freezing.
The sun has since come out, but I am wearing a scarf at my desk, shivering away.

I made it out at lunch and got a CRAZY AMAZING beet salad from ZOES.
You should SEE this thing. It's well, as I stated earlier- CRAZY AMAZING.
I also got their Boccocini /Tomato sandwich because I am hopelessly addicted to it.

Last night I took my sweet sweet man to the LEAFS game. It was a great game. Lots of scoring. Unfortunately for us (but fortunate for the Buffalo-cheering-Yankee-broad beside me)- we lost by one measly goal.
It was great being there though. My first ever hockey game.
We both put back two of those ridiculously large (and expensive) beers, and one medium beer each.

I texted a photo of us at the game to ALI- you know-- to brag that I am cool and at a sporting event-- and she texts me back with a picture of her and Jogee..... seated
two sections closer to the ice.

Got to have a quick visit with those two after the game... and watch the most ridiculous of men
BOYS fight like a bunch of fucking wheatbags outside. (I'm a lover, NOT a fighter)

Hmmm what else? In an often failed attempt to stop biting my fingernails (It has been my "New Years Resolution... for 19 years now) I painted those suckers PINK. I figure When I feel the urge to go crazy on them- it would distract me.

Wish a girl some luck, here. I would really like to change this years Resolution to something less..... well redundant.

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