Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Well, C Dawg finally had some time off from his busy work schedule so we got in our rental car and headed for the Bruce Peninsula.

Kelly and Rob and Lenny-dog came along in a separate car from Sketchener.

We all stayed in Gramma old house. At night we stood outside and watched as approximately 500-10000 bats (I kid you not) came flying out of her roof at sundown.

I remember a few years back my sister and stood out in the yard with my cousins, while my cousin Heather (HI HEATHER!!!) watched from the car as these creatures whipped past inches from our heads.

Other than BATS, weekend was good. I love renting cars. Just driving around with my sweetie is holiday enough for me ;)
We stopped in at the Wiarton Willie monument and took some pictures. Corey climbed Willie (not an easy feat). Unfortunately these pics are in C's camera.

We had a good visit wioth mom and Pete. On Saturday night the boys rented in the ultimate fighting teevee dealy, while the ladies took off into the bush in search of Roy and Aurelia's firepit. It had rained and so it was very muddy. Marmie was not happy, as I was sporting her Northern Reflections(?) runners.
I was also sporting mom's RED leather jacket, and carrying around my beer in a beer cozy which ALSO WAS a red leather jacket. (Pete won a hideous STEELBACK beer cosy from a fishing derby the day before)

Not to mention Kel was sporting mom's bright teal blue two-piece sporty outfit.

looked fucking rad.

Oh, and on our way home we stopped in Orangeville at Taco Bell.
Around 210 peopke working, not busy- most UNTIDY washrooms EVER.

BUT when asked if we'd like some taco bell sauce with our bean burritos, and Corey jokingly pointing at a KFC bucket saying "That Much!"
- we got just that.
The broad stuffed both hands in and piled the hot sauce on our tray.

It's now in a special compartment in the fridge waiting for our next Meaxi0Casa feast night!

This evening is Kathryn's bday.

We'll be in and around Disgraceland, I think?

Tuesday party!


I'm Scooter, but I might be a troll. said...

You couldn't stop there. It was bat country.

Kattypants said...

Thanks for the ode to me ;-)