Monday, March 24, 2014

Sunday Brunch

C and I were welcomed into the home of Jenny and Christian for brunch on Sunday, alongside The Halpins :)

The Men:
 The Ladies:
Note that is not 2 identical dogs. 
Lily is a camera hog and had to be represented in both shots.

The Dog: 
She has a funny way of lying down:

 And enjoys being picked up from time to time.

C tried to perform the "Oh what a feeling when the dog is on the ceiling"- but Lily proved to be a tad more hesitant than our Jackson.

The Food:

was incredible.

Frittata, poached eggs with mushroom sauce, homemade bread, fruit salad (by ME!)

not pictured here are the WAFFLES, QUICHE, and homemade jam, etc.

Check out my foots (on the left).  Best sister ever picked those up for me!

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