Thursday, March 6, 2014

Febreeze stinks (gear grind #142)


Exhibit A:


Ok so if it doesn't smell like ANYTHING you are basically just spraying chemicals into your home?
(PS I highly doubt that Febreeze has the capability to create a product with absolutely no smell)


Exhibit B:

FEBREEZE "for your bedroom":

If your bedroom stinks SO MUCH that you need to resort to spraying this crap all over it SO THAT YOU CAN FALL ASLEEP... you got problems.

(PS Are they adding Seratonin to this shit?)

Exhibit C:

FEBREEZE "....that smells like a Cinnabon stand":

Anyone that has ever been to the mall with me (lucky bastards) KNOWS that when we pass the Cinnabon stand, I need to hold my breath.  A scarf comes in handy for times like these as well to save my nostrils from THAT SMELL.  I don't like it.
If you buy the below product and use it in your home- Say "Bye Bye" to the Zerbinator coming to visit you anytime soon!

Cinnabon made me think of this.

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