Thursday, April 18, 2013


While "Phish" may have once been a word often used in my teenaged vocabulary, as of lately- not so much.
So imagine the feeling of nostalgia when just this morning I am chatting with my old pal and he's asking me about PHISH.... More specifically, the below received message:

Yo Wheatbag! How's it hangin'?

Like, when you were a dirty hippy you were pretty into Phish right? I never got into Phish, when I was a smelly tie dyed somofa dancing bear it was the 'Dead.

Been mellowing out to a lot of 'Dead lately and thought it might be cool to hit a Phish show. Did you ever check out Phish live?

Write it on a postcard yo!

The dirty hippy comment was of course referring to this tender time in my life:

The friend in question looked pretty much the same as the above..... except he's a boy.

Phish is back in full force.  
I have uploaded some to my itunes already.
I'm back, baby!

Hey, is there a Magic Mountain store close to here?

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