Thursday, April 4, 2013

I be a bloggin

I am a bad blogger.
Thinking about my new job has pretty much taken over any extra brain activity I might have had in the past month.

This past weekend I did mange to get away to MOMS for the Maple Syrup (and guns etc) festival.

Mom made borther Rob's day as she managed to find him a new RODEO shirt (from the goodwill- lol)

You see he HAD one from last year's fun but bled all over it when the TOE event happened late last summer.

Oh, you've forgotten?
Remember this????????????

Oh screw it I'll just post the DISGUSTING picture again.

Oh the memories of Robbie wearing his crocs with the hole cut out to allow said TOE and gauze to fit all down in there.

Le sigh.

Ok- so all this summer (?) talk is making me want SPRING.
Toronto is nice and sunny today- yes... but it still has that chill in the air.  I want WARMTH. 

On another note, I found out that Rufus Wainwright lives somewhere in my neighborhood and I have made it my personal quest to seek him out.
Here's the plan:
  1. Put on headphones.  
  2. Blast Rufus. 
  3. Walk around the Annex
  4. Keep my eyes peeled for fabulousness.

So far- no luck :(

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