Monday, January 14, 2013

Saturday night, 11:00pm

Corey sends this pic to Brother Rob exclaiming

"Help!! The Zerback girls are tearing this place APART!!!"

I suppose that is to be expected when you start drinking wine at 4:00pm.
2+ litres of white later, a delicious meal from C, some you tube video-watching 
..... it's all very exhausting, apparently.

Meh!  We had a great 24 hour sister time anyways.  Kelly got a beauty of a deal on a skirt at H&M for her Bday party next weekend.
I pretended I was still in my 20's and got me some leather-looking' tighty pant pants.

We had a delicious brunch at my old workplace- good ol' By the Way Cafe, and got to walk about in 14 degree weather!  I even had to ditch the coat for a while.  

January, much?