Thursday, January 24, 2013

I love Ron Livingston

Once in a while I become slightly... we'll call it  occupied..... by a certain celebrity man.

Today is one of those days and my Flava-of-the-now is Ron Livingston.

I have loved Ron Livingston since seeing him back in SWINGERS.  Something about his calm cool demeanor in that film.  And also his chin.  The chin does it for me.

Today's crush was brought on by an online article featuring celebrity portraits from the Sundance Festival

That jacket is ridiculous.  And he looks like a zillion bucks in it.

Ron Livingston

Also this (not the aforementioned chin):

Ron Livingston again and possibly cuter

Kathryn (who now works WITH me) agrees fully.

Soooooo after some swooning we pretty much thought we were safe.

Until I find THIS

Like, how is this man NOT my husband??????????????????????

(oh yah.  The whole me-being-in-love-with-someone-else thing)

(Oh and the he-is-famous-and-lives-in-L.A-with-his-wife thing too)


Back to Bolt said...

At the very least it's quality spank bank material

krista zee said...


beans said...

i'm torn between loving him (band of brothers) and hating him (SATC) ... berger!!!

Born with a big mouth! said...

he looks better than a cupcake. YUMMY!