Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oh, the humanity!

So... yesterday after work, I got on my bicycle and began my trek home.  This has been a sometimes trying journey for me due to the uphill nature of said commute.  Yesterday was even more problematic.  Picture this- Sicily 1945...... OK not so much.  Let us try again-
Picture this- Dundas Street, 2012.  KZ biking home listening in her iPod (quietly- I am no dum dum) to some LCD Soundsystem - Dance Yrself Clean  when I realized a sound that most definitely was not coming from the tunes in my ear buds, rather my "ride".

I popped out one ear bud, and sure enough THIS SOUND was being projected out of my supercycle, varying in tone and severity:

I sheepishly tried to make my way north-- up my usual route of sleepy, one way-ed side streets only realizing that the quieter the road I was on, the LOUDER my bike sounded to those around.  So I then tried NOT to pedal (the sound only happens whilest pedaling).  That only slowed me down (obviously?) and prolonged my ear-splitting presence!

So I did what anyone would do- MADE IT to Kilgours, parked it and waited for my main squeeze... along with a very deserved bottle of Export to keep me company (hey! I never admitted to being any kind of Beer Connoisseur- I'll pretty much drink it all!).

C arrived, we played some trivia and then (after a few pops) made the final trek 1 km up our street.  The bike was making so much noise and C and I just howled the whole way home.  Who would have knew that my initial embarrassment could turn into sheer joy - just 3 beers later!!

My poor bike though. 

Here she is in all her glory. "Bea Arthur" The bike with the veggie burger bell.  

The fact that I have not put a cent into her since I got her back in the spring of 2007 shows that she has been good to me.  But it may be time for an upgrade.  Of course we will have a look at her and see what the DEAL could be.  Perhaps a little greasy-greasy will fix her up real nice... I am hoping at least to get me through the fall.  

And then next year- a new bike could be in my future.  
"Bea 2".

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liz said...

Veggie burger bike bell = YES!