Friday, May 25, 2012

A Baby, a BBQ and one Giant Pussy!

Seriously?  Can you GET any cuter?

 Oh you may JUST have done it!

This child is perfect. I could stare at him all day.  The parents are also gorgeous so I suppose I know where it comes from.  

We had a DELICIOUS BBQ with the Kumars over the weekend.  Sweet potato "wedges" (teehee), Greek salad, Burgers etc.  (Steak for the steakies).  SO delish!

 Meanwhile in awkward land....
 "Baby, take a picture of me near this flower"

 "And this giant cat..."

We spent last weekend mostly outdoors. How AMAZING was that May 24 holiday weekend?  

"So amazing" is the correct answer.

We were attempting to break-free from the city and head over to the islands, but unfortunately so was the half of Torontonians that stayed in the city over the weekend.  It was a NO GO.  We waited for a Water Taxi for some time before giving up and just decided to walk around the lakeshore.  The above shot is at PAWSWAY where they also have a Purina Hall of Fame featuring our fuzzy friends (and 1 horse!) who have saved peoples lives.

There was a cat in like, 1969 named JIGGS, that saved a family in Wiarton.
Whadda (sweet bud) Hero!

Yummy.  Streetcar boy.

 This was our view much of Monday when we went down to Christie Pitts park to bask in the glory ..... and play some cribbage.  Cuz we're super lame that way (the good way).

 Baby and his space phone.

 So that was the weekend...... and this week was SUPPOSED to feel short but it really didn't.  

Jenna and I ditched our pilates class yesterday to lay in the park and saw these naked people:

Good times.

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