Friday, March 11, 2011

epic za and modcloth

Last night was epic. I believe it was the MOST PIZZA EVER EATEN by the Zerbinator (that's me).
Corey and I ordered in. I swears to GAH - I think I mowed down at least 7-8 slices...
Of a large pie.

I received a MODCLOTH order today.

I could not resist this one. I thought maybe Jackson and I could be TUX TWINS, however I was banking on it not fitting me.
"Medium" to MODCLOTH = not very medium at all.
Not for booby girls anyhow.

But it was ON SALE and I figured I would find someone who would love it:

I did find somebody. The beauty right down there:

For myself I gots this dress. I put it on immediately. I loves it.

Weird thing when I went online and ordered it, It was called FLORA and FAUNA dress. Then I see they changed the name to... Wild... Disco????


Alright well I am off now.
To a Wild Disco, obviously. :P


I'm Scooter, but I might be a troll. said...

Hi, KZ! I'm sorry about being so absent. I'm doing blog 365 again, so I will be following your posts.

Katty M said...

arent you the most adorable thing! i must at long last order something from that site. i love both dresses - my god the disco one!? wear it this weekend lady woman.
p.s. cores coming too?

annie said...

that dress you ended up getting is adorable. I like the first too but it would also be no good on me. Party on

Highwaisted said...

holy shit i am so behind on this blog. i dont get my updates anymore cause im never in blogger. le sigh. you shoudl email me when you update.

ok i love you bye!