Monday, March 28, 2011

dazed .. but mostly confused

Ok so In my dream last night I was single and ready to mingle.... with this kid-

So weird because he looked exactly like that. Like he did in 1993. ummm 18 years ago?? Even typing that is heavy stuff.

Anyways so he looked like.. well a kid basically but he was actually older than me. Dream-guy was 33. Weird thing is I looked him up this morning online to locate the above picture -and find out he is actually 34.

So my dream brain is off by 1 year- not too shabby seeing as though IRL I would have thought I was at least a coupla years older than that actor.... weird.

Where do these dream characters come from? Does my sub-conscious think about "Mitch" from Dazed and Confused on a regular and I just have no clue????

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Alyson said...

At least he's wearing a kickass shirt.