Monday, February 7, 2011

football, sciatica and snack food

This weekend consisted of-
  • a 40th Bday
  • Sciatica
  • Doing Donuts in a cab
  • Superbowl dogs
Thanks to Laura and Jon for hosting a great night Friday, putting Fio and I up for the night, as well as our breakfast outting :)

This evening is where the donuts came in. The cabbie was surely out to impress us 3 ladies and was driving erratically on Laura's street.
(actually) FUN!

Saturday was family time; we visited Dad and Linda and played American Idol on their Wii system. Simon raved over my skills.

Kel and I watched Brother Rob play hockey in Cambridge LAMEbridge and later crashed his buddy's UFC (ew) party. We walked over half in the bag through the "2cm" (more like 6 inches) of snow...
look closely- "thanks camera!"

Sunday was a "Superbowl / Tiffy's old" (haha- i mean YOUNG) party.

Here is Red sporting a FOOTBALL themed bandana.....

And Lenny in her PANAMA canal bandana:


Girls! Mozzerella Sticks!

and a party just wouldn't be a party without little Diva Caiden. She was dancing it up (and singing) to Katy Perry, and other songs way too hip for me.

Girl's got moooves!

I arrived home to my two SO COOL men. Check out what we call Jackson's Johnny Depp inspired look:

Soooooo Coooool.

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Anonymous said...

god couldn't you photoshop a better face on me? barf.