Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend / creepers

The last week has been hectic..... We had Thanksgiving in Port Elgin with Corey's family. I went golfing which was awesome because I totally feel like I'm beginning to "get" it. I am no longer the girl who swings her body around in a circle, missing the ball. I am now the girl who can get that perfect "PING" sound and actually hit close to the green! It is very exciting.

Not so exciting is realizing shortly after playing that I had injured my (sometimes still very fragile) back. The first day was brutes but the morning after Corey stretched out my legs like this

and I did some yoga stretching on my own. It worked! The pain only lasted 24 hours which is a GREAT GREAT thing. Sometimes the shooting pain down my leg can last almost a week!

Our Port Elgin time was followed by Oktoberfest Family Day in Kitchener. Niki was my date. She picked my sorry ass up in Guelph at a Timmy Hos while Corey and his sis and niece headed back to the big smoke- as C dawg had to work (ON HIS BIRTHDAY)

In case you were wondering; Family day Oktoberfest equals this-
Hopped up parents + Kids running about +
Walter Ostanek + beer

Niki and I hung out the rest of the evening. We hit Ethel's for one (two?) and played the addictive touch-screen game.

I spent Tuesday lazing on Lil' Kel's couch eating hot and sour soup from JIA JIA LOK... I still have yet to find a soup AS SPECTACULAR as this in all of Toronto.
Crazy that I have to travel to KW for the best H & S Soup, right?

Anyways we watched Twilight. It was my first time. Those special effects. Woah, dood.

On my bus home I sat next to a young man who was typing IN SPANISH on his laptop.
I could have SWORN guy was typing about me. I know I know I am totally full of myself.

Anyways I had Belle and Sebastian in my ipod and I know I can play it rather loudly. Especially on the Greyhound as I am of course, pretending to be anywhere but there.

I peeked over just before he closed his laptop.

He wrote-

Spanish-Spanish-Spanish-Spanish-BELLE + SEBASTIAN-Spanish-Spanish-SpanishSpanish

I friggin KNEW it!


Highwaisted said...

creeeepy! you should have asked him for his blog address.

Alyson said...

You should have called him on it, totally.

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