Tuesday, October 19, 2010

cat lady post

I feel like C and I run our own little Inn for cats.
It's tough, man!

Jackson even got up in the middle of the night to complain about his sleeping arrangements.
Guy, it was laundry day. The hamper you sleep in was almost empty I know... Aside of course from yesterday's underpants and socks with a couple t-shirts. I understand.

Speaking of cats and laundry.... Sometimes C and I will make up our own little songs. It is fun to take an existing song and replace one of the more prominent lyrics with- you guessed it- "cat".

Some do not work so well. Try replacing house with cat in "Our House":
Our CAT is a very, very fine CAT
With two.... err CATS in the yard
Life used to be so hard...

Last night's laundry song was This cat is on a hot tin CAT.

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