Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sly and the Family Stoner-face

Hey! I never said I was supermodel.

A couple of beers afterwork with my photog-pal Joel and voila!---KZ's got a new facebook profile picture!

I took off work this coming Friday and Monday. I realized that I NEVER TAKE A VACATION- so a nice long-ass weekend was called for.

Lil' Kel and I are gonna pack into the KIA and drive northbound to see our Marmie and Pete.

Ok, Ok so we won't be in a convertble. And i DEFINITELY won't be sitting on the left- in the driver's seat (rememeber- hitting a vehicle during road test = automatic fail)
...BUT we will be in a car and we will indubitably both be wearing oversized shades.

My sweet sweet baby has to work this weekend, next weekend, etc etc. but as soon as he is over this hump (giggle giggle) we together will be heading back up north.

Summer is half over. I need to DO STUFF!

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Daisy said...

Looking good in those shades! Hope you have fun. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. Nice to see you. :)