Monday, November 19, 2012

Hello folks,

I have been a bad blogger.  However today I bring to you, amongst other things-  The Royal Winter Fair.   

We hadn't been there since we just just wee little babies.  I bought our tickets online beforehand.  This way we would be less likely to BAIL OUT if we... perhaps... well I don't know- maybe drank too much wine the night before... or something.
(Girls night on Saturday.  Wish I had pics, cuz' we all looked smokin')

So here goes the ROYAL:

 There were pumpkins and stuff.
 BIG ones....
Big nasty ones!
Oh and believe it or not we did manage to find some WINE.


My camera just couldn't capture essence the of the SUPERDOGS.

Let's just say I wasn't able to find an appropriate camera setting that would show the dogs as anything but a fuzzy smear.

Ok so this is NOT my video and it is from LAST year... but this was the highlight of those dogs (for us):

The Double Lennie was what we called it (coined term by us, of course)

Also-  Festival Goers fear not!  There are still FREE things out there, like the two picture (postcards) below!

Once the white trash family in front of us NOTICED that there was a lineup forming.. we got our turn. 

And then went back later on (apres Vino)

Monday I bid adieu to my sis and headed out with my favorite work pals. Tuesday I has my pal Sarah visit for the day.

It was all GO GO GO.
All in all a pretty exhausting few days for the Zerbinator.

Corey returned home on Wednesday and I got some sweet Birthday time with him.  
My card, of course, had a TUXEDO theme.

Which pretty much brings me to.....



 PS my local making the Wall Street Journal  = priceless:

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