Monday, July 30, 2012

Best Sunday Imaginable

Yesterday RULED. If everyday could be like it was- no doubt I would be a happier, healthier woman.

It began in the AM freshly showered and riding my bicycle DOWNHILL to Trinity-Bellwoods park where Jenna and I (and 100 others) participated in Yoga in the Park.

After a good stretchin' we hippity-hopped on our bikes and met up with the OTHER KZ at BODY BLITZ spa.  While there we enjoyed the following luxuries:
  • Dead Sea salt pool
  • Hot green tea poolC
  • Cold plunging pool
  • Aromatherapy steam room (think sitting in a world made of VICKS)
  • Infrared sauna
The hot rooms above were followed with the cold plunge pool.  Yikes / Wow.  Amazeballs. 

We followed up the "water park" with Therapeutic messages.  One glorious hour of someone rubbing and working my sole ol' muscles.

So, as per the above, it was pretty much BLISS.

But the day did not end there.  After the ladies and I enjoyed some lunch grub at Shanghai Cowgirl (triple decker grilled cheese, please), I biked up to meet the love of my life for a coupla' beers and went home and ate TASTY BITES.

So as you can see?  Pretty much the best. 

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