Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Maple Syrup.... and ... Guns

We headed northbound this past weekend to see Mom and Pete.  It was the weekend of the Purple Valley maple Syrup Festival.

We started off in a 45 minutte lineup for some grub and once we realised that we were, in fact, in the WRONG line up we made our way to the front and pigged out on Pancakes & Syrup (Lil Kel), Sausages (Mom, Pete, Rob) and french fries (Me) 

Sweet Baby C-dawg could not come due to work, so I picked him up this below image on a tee-shirt for a whopping $5!

It was such a hit we ended up picking it up for Pete and Rob as well as my uncle Norm.... who was manning the target shoot.

Yes, that's right I said target shoot.   Nothing says Wholesome Family Day like a buttload of guns going off ever 10 seconds!

As per the ususal "North of the Checkboard" way- the prize?  MEAT.
Pete came home with a large turkey- his big win of the afternoon.

ALso enjoyed this extra long weekend- Thursday night's Bev Hills 90210 Season three session with Lil Kel, and upon my return to KW on Sunday some deliecious meatless balls, and then fun times with Niki... and ROSIE.... and Ruby.

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Katty M said...

AWESOME t-shirt!!!! :D