Friday, October 7, 2011

lordy lordy.....

My sweet sweet baby has a pretty... significant birthday coming up next week.
Time to spoil him like crazy because HECK he deserves it.
Still looks younger than me though (that son of a ....)! 

We were informed of yet another doppelganger for him.  A new waiter at our local think C looks like the dood from the SILVER SUN PICKUPS-

Let's see then... this means he is something like this equation?
(I threw Elliott in there for good measure.  When we first first FIRST started dating we were at HURRICANEs on Bloor and some dood came up and told C he reminded the guy SO MUCH of E)

(Plus he was a musical genius and I love him)

So news.... Our new thing around the house this week has been to taper off the toilet paper into a point after use, like housekeeping would.

So basically it's like we're living the hot resort life here in Toronto while the air gets colder around us.

Although this weekend does not count.

What is it about Thanksgiving weekend in Southern Ontario lately?

Seriously- 2 years ago C dawg and I went golfing and it was so hot that we ended up in Lake Huron swimming.  

Mid October?  sure, why not?

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