Monday, January 24, 2011

i have returned

I have returned safely from Panama. I survived two- 5 hour flights. I gotta say, I am still terrified to fly.

Wow, though. It was worth it. What a week.

Fist of all the weather was... perfect. It rained (if you could even call it that) for all of 5 minutes on
one day while we were at the beach. We were already wet, and so it obvi didn't matter.

The ocean is
fantastic. I hate to say it, being a Canadian gal with Lakes a plenty around but I am definitely an ocean gal. I love the temperature and I love the salt.
Love the salt.

There are so many reason to love Panama, but I got to say no matter where you go- it is mostly about WHO you go WITH:

Exhibit A)
This is the wonderful family who adopted me for one full week on a very short notice.
I can't say enough about every one of these beautiful faces- great people. (That blond third from the right is pretty incredible as well- i kid)

Thanks to the G Clan!

On our first day, we met a nice worker-guy named Anel. He made us this-

His name is Dennis Hopper the grasshopper-made outta palm leaf! (and no I am not pregnant)
The maids STOLE him....

There was a very lame disco but we made the best of it. I rocked that dress so well, Fio gave it to me! I am in love!

The resort was real nice as you can see-

Swim up bar!


On our last day, I made Fio beach it with me in attempts to get some modeling shots that we could add to our portfolios. Hell-oo.

I am back and the peeling has begun.

(And by peeling I mean my skin... even though the above beauty shot may make one think I could make a killing as a stripper... I still have my diginity.)


Krista said...

Glad you had a good time, it's nice to go to special places with the right people.

I thought that grasshopper was real at first glance!

Highwaisted said...

best post eveeeeerrrrrr

Katty M said...

Third attempt... So glad you had the chance to go and sit on a beach dear pal! I would like to go to there some day too... hole.
See you soon!