Friday, June 25, 2010

wild wild party!

Hmm so what have we been doing?

Well, we have been eating SO SO Well. Stuff like this-

I am going through a SERIOUS radish phase right now. Loving them.

Oh and we got our computer a boyfriend! a new (to us) computer!!!!
Thanks CLINT!

The reason that are on the floor in that shot because in their place is a laptop. Today is work-from-home day. Everyone on this city is up in arms over this whole G8-G20 summit.
Our workplace is pretty much away from the "insanity" but hey I ain't turning down an opportunity to sit at home and work in my pajamas!

So, Father's Day has come and gone. I get to see my own PAPA on Sunday:)
As for the dad I currently cohabit with, well he was a pretty lucky boy. The cat made sure to recognize his efforts for the past 2 years-

Corey left me on Wednesday to head up to Port Elgin.
Clint was driving P Little-Nizzle to the airport, as he is off to Germany for a few weeks (lucky son of a bitch) so Corey decided to head back with him for a few days.
Tomorrow morning he makes his way to Sketchener and meets me, Fiona and Rohit to attend DANIKA's Stag and Doe.....
Should be funtimes!

While I do miss the boy- it is kind of nice being alone.

I have been a wild party. While the Zerbinator is usually IN BED and pretending to read ASLEEP by 10pm- I have stayed up this week to the likes of 2AM and even MIDNIGHT. Wow.

Last night I got to see TONS of my favorite people at the Central. Including an old pal who recently moved to Toronto, Megs. It's pretty much meant to be BECAUSE I spotted her at the Duke on her VERY FIRST DAY living in the big smoke... and THEN after some Facebook messaging we realized that she is also not only an Annex girl, but living the equivalent to 7 houses away from us.
AGAIN, wow.

Tonight I am heading over to THE OTHER Krista Z's place. We met years and years ago in like- Brownies or some shit. The re-introduced in High School.
Mastermind will be played and snacks will be shared.
Oh, and don't forget the wine.
Like I said.
I am a wild party.

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Alyson said...

That is possibly the best card ever. Just saying.